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Earn money with 20Dollars2Surf...

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20dollars2surf Tutorial

Simply download the "bar" or "cahsbar" (like a banner) and command to run every time you start the PC or connect to the Internet, it will remain active for as long as desired and navigation to other pages (not cause any problems when browsing, run other programs, etc), you can drag and drop in any area of the monitor leaving it there without causing discomfort and all principal, not to do clicks in it.

You earn for every minute you have running the bar 1 point.
But remember, as in what's important here are ptc referrals, and that you win 10% of what your referrals make, in any of 10 levels.

That's what makes it a better way to make money.

Automatically at the end of the month, your points are converted into cash.
10000 points = 1 dollar.
Minimum payment by Paypal: $ 20.

A Cashbar

Note: As you see on your left side is a side panel with three options: "$" (if you clickaís it goes directly to your account), "-" (if it podeís clickaís CashBar move and leave it where you want in the your computer screen), and "X" closes the CashBar.

This is how you start a CashBar, while I put this CashBar is on the screen at the start you get a popup that you only have to close and automatically exit the CashBar advertising and you start counting the points.

But there are more ways to earn money:

1 .- Get paid to click on the prize:

From time to time in the cahsbar or bar and have you downloaded on your computer screen, often appearing a notice of 20Dollars2Surf with the title "SURFER BONUS." It's like a reward for your attention and if you click you earn points. How many? as a matter of chance and can be between 1 to 1000 or surfpass (we now explain.)

Cashbar with SURFER BONUS

2 .- Get paid to play:

Go to the "SURF GAMES" which contains 2 games:
- The Wheelsurf is a roulette where you have two free throws a day.

- The Bingosurf is a bingo, a free daily game, where you can win:

1. = 1 free throw line.
2. Lines = $ 0.10
3. Lines = $ 1
4. Lines = 1Surfpass
5. Lines = Jackpot, jackpot money

3 .- Get paid to click on ads on the web.

Another is the "CLIK BONUS", these are ads that usually come once every 24 hours, but after adding some of the day, well, since these are like the clicks of the normal ptcs, click on them, open for 30 to 60 seconds and you get 5 or 10 points. At least there 6 or 7 ads.


And Special

The Surfpass are tickets you can get through a bonus in the CashBar Surf with games or pay via SMS, phone call, Paypal or credit card.
With it you can do several things:
- Exchange for 5 items BingoSurf.
- Exchange WheelSurf for 10 games.
- Becoming SuperReferal.
- Becoming a VIP sponsor.

* When you SuperReferal share with the other 9 Super Referrals 10% of all the SuperReferal points (points that generate all cahsbar Any active), is a way to get points, and can only have 10 at once, This means that you give the option of becoming a Super Referral and you have 2000 points and 5 minutes of protection. During those 5 minutes and no one can replace you while you're undefined. While you Super Referral, you usually get of 10,000 - 20,000 points, but when you take the trick and know when to use your SurfPass can get up to 50,000 points.

* When you VIP Sponsor, for a month, each member arrives without 20Dollars2Surf sponsor is selected at random from all who during that month are VIP Sponsor. When you have validated more SurfPass greater your chances of getting a referral.

And the Super Referral Contest:

Each month, 20Dollars2Surf organizing a contest in which the first 500 Super Referrals (those who get more points while they are Super referrals) can earn money, points, SurfPass and a boat usually over $ 1000, divided among the top 20, which increases 10 cents for each new Super Referral.

Other information:
Has forum.
Often send an email daily to your email account, which is worth 20 points reading.

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